School Rules

Following are the general rules and regulations which a student is supposed to follow in the School.

1. The student is supposed to fill the fees by 10th of every month; otherwise the student will be penalized with late fee. A late fee of Rs.5/day will be charged and the student will be asked to pay the same. A student who fails to deposit the fees within 1 month (after the last date of fee submission) will not be picked up by the School bus from the next day.

2. The students will be asked to complete the homework daily. Students with incomplete work will be made to stay back on the respective after the School hours. Parents will be asked to come and receive their wards on their own conveyance.

3. A minimum of 75% attendance is compulsory to be promoted to next class. Student having less attendance will not be promoted to next class, under any circumstances.

4. No student is allowed to take leave (under any circumstances) without having the leave sanctioned from the Principal, well in advance.

5. Any student who will remain Absent for continuously 3 days without informing will have the name cut from the School register. The student will not be re-admitted in School under any circumstances.

6. There will be a separate uniform for summers and winters. Students are supposed the wear the proper uniform (washed and ironed), failing which the student will not be allowed to enter in their respective classes in the School.

7. There is a family pass given at the time of admission alongwith the prospectus. The parents are supposed to bring the same in case of emergency. No other person will be allowed to take the child along with them during the School hours.

8. A student is supposed to follow the discipline at every time and place in the School like Classrooms, Playground, School Buses and Cabs. Student who will be found doing indiscipline anywhere will be rusticated from the School.

9. The parents are supposed to come to School, whenever they are asked to do so by the Principal/Teacher in order to discuss any issues related to their wards.