Chairman's Message

Mr. Narender Krishan Sharma


I am proud to say that in R. K. International School we have created one such oasis where our students’ along with the three R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) are also taught the 4 T’s of Trust, Truth, Tolerance and Tenacity. They are taught to respect and obey their elders, care for those younger to them and show fortitude and self control towards their peers. They are taught not to bow under peer pressure but show perseverance when they know they are on the right path.

In addition to the above they are educated, groomed and prepared to face the challenges of life in the 21st century. Through workshops and counselling sessions our students are taught how to maintain their emotional, physical and mental balance in the face of all adversities.

In the formidable task of bringing up our youngsters today, the parents and school need to synchronize and work together towards a better future and a better tomorrow. For this, active interest and co-operation of parents sets an important milestone which goes a long way in the execution of scholastic tenets